About Us

North Alabama Nursery

North Alabama Nursery is owned by William and Sandra Hill. Bill and Sandra operate the nursery along with their sons Chris and Shannon.

North Alabama Nursery is a wholesale/retail nursery started by Lowell Hill in 1946 after returning from World War II. We are in our third generation of growing trees. We pride ourselves on being a small family business that provides quality products to our customers. Although we specialize in bareroot fruit trees and vines, we have a wide range of shade trees and ornamental trees. In 2000 we expanded our Nursery to include container grown tees and shrubs. We carry many varieties of container shrubs such as soft touch holly, dwarf youpan, helleri, boxwoods, lorapetalum, compacta holly, liropie, daylilies, leyland cypress, and knockout roses.

Please email us for a complete list of trees and shrubs that we sell. We look forward to doing business with you!